Date : 31st August 2020

Dear Parents and Carers.

I hope you have all had a good August and enjoyed any holiday you’ve been able to have, we’re just about at September once again.

As we said in the last few weekly emails, we’re getting ready to get back to it.  As always, things have changed with the guidance we have to follow since we last wrote to you and we are eagerly awaiting an announcement of changes on 3rd September which, we hope, will see us being able to return to meeting at the hall. This does present a logistical challenge as we can still only meet with bubbles of 15 at a time, but the leaders are working on their various plans.  Risk assessments have been completed and submitted in anticipation of the 3rd September changes and we’re waiting to hear back from the approvers.

It’s very likely that we’ll still be running a restricted programme, possibly a mix of face to face and Microsoft Team sessions or shortened/ever other week meetings through out the first term.  This will all be on a section by section basis, so just because one section is back meeting together, another may not. This is all done to keep everyone safe.

We’re not starting back until week commencing 14th September at the earliest, but you will hear from your section leader with specific details.

Please can I also remind everyone of the INTOUCH (our communication plan) arrangements – checkout that update here : – if you need to get in touch with us, please use one of those methods.

Don’t forget our web page is the central place for information about all things retuning safely and can be accessed at

I hope to be able to see you all very soon. Until then, take care and I hope the return to school goes smoothly.

Best wishes,  

Denise Bloomfield (GSL) / Stuart Parker (AGSL)  

18th Ipswich Scout Group