Adult Leader Training

Our adult volunteers get just as much from Scouting as young people. All adult Leaders in Scouting receive support through our comprehensive training programme, helping them to develop their current skills and learn new ones. This training can help towards the achievement of external qualifications, while there are also awards which recognise dedication to training and outstanding service within the Movement. Training is offered in two distinct stages. Initial training entitled ‘Getting Started’, gives an overview of the Movement and highlights the need for operating within the Association’s safety and diversity policies. It also signposts the new leader to the further training they may require.

Training is offered in a range of ways; residential, small group, e-learning or workbooks. There is also a facility to recognise relevant training undertaken elsewhere. Leaders undertaking training are supported by a more experienced leader who operates as a coach/mentor.

Once the leader’s personal training has been completed and they have demonstrated that they are putting their training into practice, then they can be awarded the Wood Badge.

The Wood Badge recognises the commitment to the values and ethos of the Movement by leaders who had undertaken training.

Latest Training News


With the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulations, HQ have developed a new e-learning module that is compulsory for all adults to complete. The deadline for existing adults to complete this training is 31/12/2018.

If you are a new leader, this is now part of your Getting Started training which must be completed within 5 months of your appointment.

Once the e-learning has been completed, please show the certificate to your Training Adviser or send a copy to your Local Training Manager so your Compass profile can be updated accordingly.

The e-learning can be found by clicking this link.

First Aid / First Response – Module 10
Available to anyone wishing to complete this module for the first time or as a renewal. Renewals should, preferably, be completed before the current certificate expires to ensure continuous cover. 

First Aid training is organised by the Local Training Manager in your Districts when there is enough demand. Please contact your Local Training Manager to find out when your next course is. Please note that all these courses start at 9am and finish at 4.30pm.

Please note – only the First Aid courses that are run at the Training Academies are certified by St. John Ambulance. Courses held locally in Districts are First Response only.

On-going Safety Training 

This needs to be current at the time of your Appointment Review – click the link here to start and remember to print the certificate upon completion. This will be required by your Line Manager at your Review meeting. Click here to go to the online training.



The on-line training is an alternative to a face-to-face course and is required to be up to date at the time of your Appointment Review. Click here to view the introduction and start the training. Print off the certificate on completion for your records.




Young Leader Training Days

‘The Young Leader training scheme is open to all those wishing to take part. As such, the agreement applies to youth members who are or are due to become Explorer Scouts as defined in POR, and also includes young people from external organisations and schemes such as Girlguiding UK and the DofE programme.  Any of the training modules can be completed, but Module A, ‘Prepare for take-off!’ is mandatory and must be completed by all Young Leaders within three months of taking on the role.’

Orwell YL training    

Please note that the expectation is that module A is delivered in Districts, and preferably before an Explorer Scout takes up a role as a Young Leader. It is important this happens so that YLs don’t put themselves in compromising positions with younger youth members. Contact your DESC or DESA if you need support with module A. Remember, Young Leaders are Explorer Scouts even if they don’t attend an Explorer Scout unit.


Safeguarding Awareness is required to be renewed every 5 years prior to the appointment review date. It can now be done “online”, free of charge

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05/09/2020: Following the change in readiness level by The Scouts, we are now at AMBER. Please visit our Getting everyone back together safely page for more details.