#Adventure Continues – Challenge 3 – International

Let’s celebrate Suffolk Scouts partnership with Mafeking, North West Province, South Africa, by giving these challenges a try. You can try as many as you like – and there is no reason why you can’t try one that is listed under a different section.

Thoughts and Thank You From The County Commissioner – Renewal Of Promise

Hello Suffolk Scouting,

When I started 2020, little did I think then in January, that many of the initiatives that were kicked off or about to be launched would hit at such as challenging a time that was to emerge in March. As the situation with the pandemic worsened, our lives and livelihoods became more uncertain and Scouting in Suffolk could have stopped and we could have duly waited until the crisis had passed. But as true Scouts, everyone has not only kept Scouting moving, we have proved that we are prepared and prepared to do more not less for our young people and the communities around us in these times.


COVID-19 News Bulletin #5 – Suffolk Scouts 24th April 2020

COVID-19 News Bulletin #5 – Suffolk Scouts 24th April 2020

Dear Suffolk Scouters,

Thank you for continuing to support scouting. We recognise that some leaders and volunteers within Suffolk Scouts may well be experiencing turmoil and challenging times within their own lives and families, so we ask you to support each other where you can. We appreciate that not everyone has the time and energy to devote to these new ways of scouting, some of you may be Key Workers or taking on additional volunteer roles within your communities. If you do need additional support, the family of Scouting is alive and well in Suffolk.


The Great Camp At Home Challenge

Friday 1st until Sunday 3rd May 2020

Dear Parents,

Ongoing Challenge – Camping

During this time at home we are keen to make sure Scouting continues. There are many challenges for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts to take part in, one of the challenges is to camp at home. So, you are invited to take part in…

Camp activities to take part in:

• Build a den at home / pitch a tent in the garden/ hang up a hammock

• Sleep in your shelter of choice

• Build a ‘campfire’ (real, virtual, or using craft materials)

• Take part in cooking a meal or snack

• Go for a hike (family walk around your area)
• Create a climbing wall or a zip wire for your teddy bear

• Take part in a game outdoors –cards, board game, bowls, etc

Your camp can be included as part of your Nights Away so please take pictures of your adventures and send to adventurecontinues@18thipswich.org.uk

Whatever you do please check with an adult first, stay safe and have fun!

St George Day – 23rd April 2020

Have a great St. Georges Day from 18th Ipswich Scout Group.

18th Ipswich – St George’s Day Update

Good afternoon Everyone,

I hope this post finds you all well and safe. With previous posts that have gone out to you all, you will be aware that tomorrow is St George’s Day. (Patron Saint of Scouting) It would be nice to see all members of our group, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders, in uniform tomorrow evening, for the 8pm Thank you to our NHS and all key workers.

My suggestion is that everyone makes their Scout sign at 7.55pm, think of your Scout promise & group, whilst a family member takes a photo. Please upload to the groups Facebook page or Email to me. By doing this, we have marked St George’s Day in some way. We will be unable to renew our promises this year, as we normally would. We would like as many photos as possible, so that we can make a group display of the photos on our return to our headquarters, when we can safely return to scouting.

Please send any photos or upload any evidence of badge work that has been achieved whilst in lock down. It is there for your child to take part in, should they wish to do so.

We are exploring other avenues to keep you all in touch with the 18th’s scouting family. In fact, we as a leadership team will discussing this at our virtual meeting this evening.

REMEMBER. Thursday 23rd April, 7.55pm, full uniform, Scout sign, Scout Promise, Photo. Then outside to Clap. Keep staying safe everyone. #


Group Scout Leader

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05/09/2020: Following the change in readiness level by The Scouts, we are now at AMBER. Please visit our Getting everyone back together safely page for more details.