COVID-19 News Bulletin #13 – 26th August 2020

Thank you for all the work you are doing to support the return to scouting in Suffolk. This is a critical time to engage is communication with parents and young people in order to encourage their enthusiasm to return to a form of scouting this initially will look quite different from the way we were scouting at the beginning of the year.

Don’t forget you can follow our news and ideas at  All content we post will be based on UK Government and The Scout Association guidelines.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Whilst you may find that the task of consultation with parents and other leaders tiresome, the aim of this exercise and the resultant risk assessment is to keep everyone safe. We want to maximise safety for all of our young people and our leaders. Please feel free to contact your district for support if you need some help with the process. There are guidelines and FAQs on both the Suffolk Scouts website here, and from headquarters here.

Potential Amendments to Guidance for Amber State of Readiness

Like other organisations, Scouting is responding to the ever-evolving Covid-19 controls imposed by the UK Government. Headquarters are working on a number of changes that may be allowed within the Amber state of readiness. You can read more about the potential changes on the Scout website here.  


18th Ipswich – Our Plans for Getting Back Together at Scouts Safely #4

Date: 18th August 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you to the very few parents that joined us online last night, and a big thank you to everyone that messaged us before and afterward with their thoughts, and comments – they have been really useful in supporting our plans to get back to face to face Scouting. Also, the questionnaire is still open if you haven’t yet responded: Getting Everyone Back Together Safely – Questionnaire   


18th Ipswich – Our Plans for Getting Back Together at Scouts Safely #3

Date : 14th August 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,  

Thank you so much to everyone that has given feedback, from completing the quick questionnaire to messages of support and understanding. Your help has been invaluable in our ongoing work to bring everyone back together safely. We are still working through emails, so if you’ve sent us a message and haven’t yet had a reply, please do bear with, we haven’t forgotten about you and will get back to you. Also, the questionnaire is still open if you haven’t yet responded: Getting Everyone Back Together Safely – Questionnaire 

Getting us all back safely is as much about communicating as it is about controlling the virus itself, as without clear communication, explaining all our part in hygiene and the measures we need to put in place, there’s no chance we can prevent and control any spread.

OSM – Online Scout Manager / Text Message

Now is a great time to check you can login to Parent Portal on Online Scout Manager.  This will be essential as we will need to know who is planning on coming to which meetings every week as soon as we’re at the stage of preparing actual meetings, so we’ll be using OSM with an event signup for every weekly meeting. Ensuring you can login now will make September that much easier. 

The text message system through Online Scout Manager is going to be really important to us once we return to face to face activities. This will allow our leaders to get in touch with you (or all of the section/bubble at a time) quickly and efficiently. It won’t cost you anything, however (and this is the bit where I need your help) your primary contact mobile number needs to be up-to-date in OSM – Parent Portal. Check at and use the email address you registered with us.  Any issues, please do email me or your section leader and we’ll take a look


18th Ipswich – Our Plans for Getting Back Together at Scouts Safely #2

Date : 10th August 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,  

Our plans for getting back together at Scouts safely  

As some of the government restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic begin to be relaxed, we’re starting to plan for how we’ll be able to return to face-to-face Scouts activities at 18th Ipswich Scout Group in the future.  

We’re all looking forward to being able to return, so I wanted to provide an update on how we’re approaching a re-start. Our restarting plans will follow all government rules and guidance from Scouts’ UKHQ. Our priority is to keep young people and adults safe.  

An outline of how we will operate, following Scouts’ ‘COVID Code’:  

·                       New control measures will be in place for all activities  

·                       Additional hygiene measures will be put in place  

·                       Social distancing will be observed  

·                       Group sizes will be limited  

·                       Adjustments will be made for young people vulnerable or affected by COVID  


The East of England scouting team from across Bedfordshire, Essex and Suffolk along with other superb volunteers, has created a Summer Challenge to bring daily amazing activities and challenges for young people over the summer holiday period… and you don’t have to be in scouting to take part…. just join in the fun.

You can find out more by clicking on the logo (left) which takes you to the Facebook page where there is more information and some feedback from those who have already taken part in the activities that started on Monday (17th).


COVID-19 News Bulletin #12 – 7th August 2020

COVID-19 News Bulletin #12 – 7th August 2020

Hi Leaders and Executives,

We are pleased to say we are ready to restart face-to-face scouting in Suffolk! If you are choosing to return to face-to-face Scouting, we hope you are making good progress in preparing yourselves to be Covid19 ready. The highlighted text below is clickable to the relevant webpages.

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05/09/2020: Following the change in readiness level by The Scouts, we are now at AMBER. Please visit our Getting everyone back together safely page for more details.