7th January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers

Happy New Year!  We hope you have had a Great Christmas. 

We start back on…

  • Beavers: 6pm Tuesday (starting back on 11th January)
  • Cubs: 7pm Monday (starting back on 10th January)
  • Scouts: 7.15pm Friday – Bubble 1 (starting back on 14th January)

Please could we ask that, those who have not paid last term subs (Autumn 2021), to pay this week.  If for any reason you are unable to pay, please either speak to me directly or your child’s section leader.

Unfortunately, once again the Scout Association / Youth Sector is in ‘YELLOW’ readiness level.

  • Anyone aged 11+ must wear a face covering when indoors.
  • Please follow the Government / Scout Association guidelines regarding COVID-19.
  • We ask that everyone take a Lateral flow test before attending.
  • The buildings will be well ventilated.


At the end January, the ‘Annual National Census’ (UK Scouts Association Membership Fee) is due once again. This is when we re-register the Scout Group as an official member Group of UK Scouts and record the number of individual members we have, this in turn determines the insurance requirements for our group. From this, we are then billed an annual membership fee per member, which we think this year is around £43.  We build this cost into the subs you pay throughout the year, for each young person you may have in the group, the remaining amount covers your child’s weekly scouting for the year, plus also helping to pay some of the ongoing bills of the Headquarters. The rest of our ongoing bills we have to fundraise.

Therefore, we are asking the same question as this time last year, is your child staying with the group. There is no point us paying your child membership fee if they are not intending to return. Could you please let us know if Scouting is no longer for your child, we will then remove you from our system and stop sending regular communications. 

PLEASE EMAIL US BACK FROM THIS MESSAGE, WITH A YES OR NO TO CLARIFY, no later than Saturday 15th January 2022, we will then sort it from here. We are still getting requests of young people wanting to join the Group, so would like to have a clear picture of our membership, we also want to be able to complete the census accurately.


Please you make sure you pay your subs, adding your child’s surname name as the reference with either (B) (C) or (S) to help define which section to cross reference payments.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with your section leader or with me directly.


Denise Bloomfield / Stuart Parker