#YouShape month is back this February and a time to celebrate Youth Shaped Scouting in Suffolk. 

Youth Shaped Scouting isn’t a new concept, it’s been around since Baden-Powell’s time. It is a fundamental of what we do in Scouting!

Youth Shaped Scouting is: 
Young people (aged 6-25) shaping and influencing their Scouting adventure, working in partnership with adult leaders! 
This YouShape month we want to celebrate even more and even louder!
We would like to ask EVERY group to participate!

What you can do:

• Promote Youth Shaped Scouting with #YouShape & #YouthShaped.
• Support Young people in making decisions, and positive auctioning.
• Support Young leaders doing their Missions & Modules.
• Recruit and supporting 18-24 year olds to join executive committees.
• Hold regular forums at all sections.
• Involve your section in the programme planning processes.
• Support and celebrate your peer leader (Lodge leaders, Sixers, Seconders, APLs, and PLs etc).
• Use the resources found on the #youshape tab on the County website.
• Support younger adult leaders.
• Invite your Youth Commissioner/s to come and visit.
• Encourage youth led activities (young people running the programme/game/ activity).
• Welcome constructive feedback. 
• Aiming for the Top Awards! 
• Carry on being awesome!

If you do any of the above then we would love to hear and celebrate! Take a Photo of the adventure and share the adventure on the Youth Shaped Scouting Facebook Page or via email to the County Youth Commissioner – Ollie Smith.

To send your stories or photos in, or to invite a member of the team to come to celebrate with you email: Ollie.smith@suffolkscouts.org.uk or any questions/ want to find out more get in touch!

Please check out some online resources at: https://buff.ly/2W1QgaJ 

To buy a #YouShape badge: https://buff.ly/2QVrNA5

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