We need as many hands as possible to put up / down the Marquee

The funds enable the volunteer leaders to carry out activities to benefit the children, whilst avoiding the possibility of subscription increases at a time of increasing costs.

24th May 2013 (Helmingham Hall – UP)

26th May 2013 (Helmingham Hall – DOWN)

26th July 2013 (Helmingham Hall – UP)

28th or 29th July 2013 (Helmingham Hall – DOWN)

2nd Aug 2013 (Helmingham Hall – UP) – CANCELLED

5th Aug 2013 (Helmingham Hall – DOWN) – CANCELLED

8th Aug 2013 (Suffolk Show Ground – UP)

19th Aug 2013 (Suffolk Show Ground – DOWN)

12th Sept 2013 (Helmingham Hall – UP)

16th Sept 2013 (Helmingham Hall – DOWN)

We would like to establish a list of group members willing to assist the group in fundraising in this way !

If you are interested, please forward your details to Denise – gsl@18thipswich.org.uk