The 18th Ipswich Scout Group wishes to extend its sincere thanks to ‘The Suffolk Foundation’ for its support in the award of grant.

A grant of just over £3000 was awarded to the group in the most recent ‘Improve and Prove Fund’ awards May 2012.

An application was presented requesting funds and support to increase the fund raising potential of the group. As a means of assisting in its fund raising activities the 18th Ipswich has for many years ‘hired’ by donation a large 20ft X 40ft marquee.

Unfortunately the recent theft of the group’s minibus has heavily curtailed this means of revenue. A marquee with 14ft+ long poles is not easily transportable without a minibus or equivalent transport. We have been until recently reliant upon the generosity of parents to aid the movement of the poles and facilitate this income stream. This has heavily restricted a particularly valuable income stream, at a time when the group needs more income to cope with an adverse rent increase, equipment replacement and…… A new minibus.

The Suffolk Foundation has backed our group on the basis that we will now have 2 marquees to ‘hire’ by donation, both of which following the generosity of another donor (new poles) can easily be transported with family type vehicles.

Once the group has satisfied its minimum funding requirements, an assurance and promise has been given that the group will start subsidising in part or full, its external group activities with the excess income. An assurance has also been given that we will protect and include those children who would not normally be able to join our movement due to funding issues.