St George’s Day Parade – 22nd April 2018

Dear Parents

It is St George’s Day Parade on Sunday 22nd April 2018. 
This is the most important date in the Scouting calendar, a time when all sections and all groups parade together as Orwell District Scouts.

I would hope, that all sections will be well represented, and in full and correct uniform please. This is the only event that, as GSL that I would expect your child to attend. Every child of each section reaffirms their scout promise.
All sections of the Group will meet @ Garrison lane Car Park @1.50pm and we will walk to the first flood gate beyond the Leisure Centre, where we will form up in our groups to parade to the Spa Pavilion.

The service starts at approximately 3pm, you are very welcome as parents to watch the parade, if there is space in the Spa once all members are in and seated, parents are then able to take the available seats
Please be at Garrison Lane Car Park to collect your child no later than 4pm
Denise Bloomfield
Group Scout Leader