COVID-19 News Bulletin #5 – Suffolk Scouts 24th April 2020

Dear Suffolk Scouters,

Thank you for continuing to support scouting. We recognise that some leaders and volunteers within Suffolk Scouts may well be experiencing turmoil and challenging times within their own lives and families, so we ask you to support each other where you can. We appreciate that not everyone has the time and energy to devote to these new ways of scouting, some of you may be Key Workers or taking on additional volunteer roles within your communities. If you do need additional support, the family of Scouting is alive and well in Suffolk.

If you feel you need extra support, there is a 24-hour First Response service in Suffolk and Norfolk run by the NHS for mental health. You can access the details of this service here.

Please remember that the key communications over the coming months will be the weekly email newsletter and our website  All content we post will be based on UK Government and The Scout Association guidelines. Our Facebook and Twitter pages will be updated with pictures and videos of what our young people are up to regarding Scouting – there is lots going on! 

Finance and Grants

Please ensure that your executive committees have reviewed your costs and incomes during this period. If you are concerned about finance in your group, please flag this up with you District Commissioner and District Treasurer.

At least one Council District (Babergh and Mid Suffolk) has set up an Emerging Needs Grant targeted at Community Groups. This can be up to £2,500 and may help with fixed costs. It would be prudent for groups to watch out carefully for grants such as these particularly as it could be quite some time before we get back to normal. Other business rates grants of up to £10,000 maybe available; please check your District Council for information.

·        Babergh and Mid Suffolk

·        Ipswich Borough Council

·        East Suffolk Council

·        West Suffolk Council

For those who have their own HQ also consider contacting Anglian Water for potential rebates on non-usage of your building and the standing charges and sewage charges.


Don’t forget to visit our ‘Scouting At Home’ initiative, full details on our website. There have been over 320 downloads of the #Adventure Continues Programme Challenges and Resources already, so take a look if you haven’t already!

In the News

If you have any stories that we can share. Email us

Best wishes

Mark Pearson