Dear Parents/Carers.

As of tomorrow Scouting in  England is back in to Amber and due to the low numbers attending the online meetings we will return to face to face meetings for the next three weeks. The district team has been notified we are returning within our three bubbles and with the same covid risk assessment we submitted at the start of the face to face meetings.

The meeting dates are as follows:

Bubble 1 – Friday 4th December

Bubble 2 – Friday 11th December

Bubble 3 – Friday 18th December

I will send out all the emails and invites through OSM (Online Scout Manager) for the parents/carers to fill in as normal, Scouts once again must supply their own drink within a name container, use bathroom facilities at home before coming to the meeting if possible and must wear a mask or face covering while maintaining social distancing. Please mention to all other parents/carers that you know to check their email and spam boxes as there are a few that never open any emails sent out.

Many Thanks

Chris Warren