Scouts Post – Ipswich & Felixstowe


The Scouts are once again offering their special Christmas postal service for 2016 in the Ipswich and Felixstowe areas.

The special collecting boxes will open from Friday 25th November until Thursday 8th December

Cost will be only 25p per card (Any Size) – Please put your cards and money together in the special Scout Xmas Post boxes.

Please write the full address with postcode and any special instructions on the envelope clearly.

NOTE: This year, Felixstowe are joining with the Ipswich scheme so cards for the whole area can be posted in any of the special collection boxes by Thursday 8th December 2016. Deliveries will then begin the day after and will all be completed by Christmas Eve.

Felixstowe covers the town of Felixstowe itself and also Walton, Trimley St Mary, Trimley St Martin, Kirton and Falkenham.
For more details, please see below and also at The Ipswich Scout Post website.Xmas Post Scheme

This service has been provided for 30 years and is now run by eleven scout groups for whom it is a major annual fundraising event, requiring hours of work by the leaders and parents of the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Explorers within each group. Plus, of course, a band of dedicated helpers.

Scout Groups from Ipswich, Claydon, Kesgrave, Martlesham & Grundisburgh and Felixstowe will be delivering cards in and around Ipswich (Postcodes IP1 – IP5) and Kesgrave, Rushmere, Martlesham Heath, Grundisburgh, Gt and Lt Bealings, Playford, Pinewood, Claydon, Gt Blakenham and Barham. For 2016, Felixstowe have officially joined with the Ipswich scheme to provide a link between the towns and covers Felixstowe itself, the Trimley’s, Walton, Kirton and Falkenham.

To find out where you can post your cards please use our “Collection point checker” and to check that we deliver to a particular road please use our “Road Delivery Checker“.

November is Local Training month!

Please contact your local training manager to find out which modules are being run in your district during November.  As soon as a full list is available, it will be published on the Suffolk Scouts.

Bingo – Fish & Chips

This fund raising evening will take place on Saturday 26th November 2016 @ 6.30pm at 18th Ipswich Headquarters.

Fish & Chip supper will need to be ordered and paid for in advance and the bingo tickets will be on sale on the night..

BOOK NOW to get a seat….

Safety warning: Aerosol gas stoves

From HQ –  September News & Views…

Aerosol camping stoves are cheap and popular with all sorts of campers. However, The Scout Association has recently been made aware of several reports of the aerosols in these stoves exploding.

In at least one case, the incident involved initial problems with the locking lever and gas control dial. Later the gas canister exploded. At this stage we cannot be certain of the exact cause but have learned that this type of equipment has been banned in certain parts of Australia. The apparent reason is overheating resulting in explosion.

Some tips to follow when using this type of stove:

  • Explain to adults and young people about the potential hazards and how to deal with them.
  • Ensure the collar of the canister is properly aligned and seated before using the locking lever.
  • Discard the stove if it cannot be properly aligned and locked without effort.
  • Have a bucket of water on hand to cool-down the stove and extinguish flames.
  • Turn the stove off safely if you hear irregular hissing.
  • Vacate the area in the event of a leak.
  • Don’t use this type of stove for cooking for long periods.
  • Never leave a working stove unattended.
  • Never attempt to turn off an over-flaming stove without protection to hands, arms and eyes.
  • Don’t use this type of stove (indeed any gas stove) in a confined area where gas cannot escape freely.

We strongly advise you to take extra caution when using these types of stoves on camp or during Scouting activities, and to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you’ve recently experienced issues with these stoves, please let the Safety Team at UK HQ know, by emailing

Orwell District Scout Fireworks Night

Orwell District Scouts Fireworks Night Saturday 29th October 2016

at Hallowtree Campsite Gates Open at 5.30 pm

Tickets – £4.00 Before the event and £5.00 on the night. (Children 3 & under FREE)

For tickets please email –

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