COVID-19 News Bulletin #10 – Suffolk Scouts 3-Jul-2020

You have probably noticed that across the UK and Europe, things are starting to change as Governments try to come out of lockdown. This is positive news for us in Scouting. Coming out of lockdown is more complex than lockdown itself.

The Scout Association has now started to release information on their website and through webinars (the first was on 2nd July) about the process we need to take to get us to any form of face to face Scouting safely. I’d like to reassure you that the County and District Teams are digesting the information and we will be working with groups for a planned and considered approach to returning to face to face Scouting. There are three things that spring to mind:

   1.  RACE: This is not a race to get back to face to face Scouting as soon as we can; we need to “Think, plan and then do”.

   2. OVERLOAD: There is a lot of information and many more questions resulting. There is no need to take it all on your own shoulders. We will work as a County together across our 8 districts to ensure we all return to Scouting safely.

   3. SHARE: The County and Districts will be sharing resources, ideas and approaches for our safe return to face to face Scouting.


The Great Indoors Weekender

The Great Indoors Weekender

Come and Join Us for The Great Indoors Weekender. There are many activities and skills to learn online, you can dip in & out as many times as you like.

Click here and check out the weekend programme

Please let your section leaders know before Wednesday.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your adventures and post on 18th Ipswich Facebook page or email us your photos! 

Thank you so much. Please stay safe, look after your loved ones.  Smile, laugh and reflect, and continue to live by our Scouting values

18th Ipswich Scout Group

18th Ipswich – What’s happening to Scouting… #1

Date : 29th June 2020

I hope everyone is OK and surviving the lockdown and building new hopes and ideas following the easing of certain restrictions.

Wednesday night, The Scout Association (TSA) hosted a webinar for the latest information:-

  • Scout HQ / The National Youth Agency (NYA), has publish a 4-stage readiness system – Red, Amber, Yellow, Green (see
  • All face to face to face Scouting is still on hold (Red Level)
  • There is a chance of small groups (6 or less) being able to meet outside for an activity once the safety level is reduced by TSA.  Social distancing measures will have to be maintained.
  • All activities will have a risk assessment signed off at either District or County level before it can proceed.
  • Parents will also have to give written permission for their youngster to attend an activity having seen the risk assessment as I understand it
  • We are at safety level 4 at the moment, with a possibility of moving to level 3. For face to face meetings at the Scout HQ in larger numbers we have to get down to level 1. We will be advised by TSA as to what we can do and when.
  • The cessation of all activities and trading within TSA has created a problem financially which will be ongoing for several years as we get over the current restrictions. In an effort to offset the loss TSA are looking to dispose of some buildings, reduce their workforce and will have to raise the membership fee. This is currently at £29 per annum and will increase to either £36 or £37.50 for March 2021. On top of this there is a levy at both District and County level which adds another £11. Both District and County have discussed what can be done to their levies to help minimize the impact of the rise next year and have also looked at Groups that might have financial problems and what support will be required.

The 18th Ipswich, like all organisations, are making plans for the new normal and what we will need do in the future. Below are our current ideas which we will probably add to:-

  • We will need a risk assessment undertaken by an external professional before any type of return to the building.
  • We already have automatic movement detector to switch lights on in the toilets at the HQ, avoiding the need to touch switches.
  • Implementing a new cleaning regime for all users of the building, before, during and after meetings.
  • We may have to hold meetings at the HQ with smaller numbers whilst we are at safety level 2.
  • We are investigating the installation of a thermal / temperature camera or Non-Contact IR Thermometers. This may help if someone enters the building not knowing they may be carrying an infection.
  • We are reviewing our method of payment i.e BACS, Contactless Card Payment etc.
  • On the Sunday 14th June 2020, we had a successful first-time online Annual General Meeting on Sunday 14th June, it was great to see you all.

There are many hoops to jump through before we can return, we hope you will all be on board with us.

The 18th Ipswich are in a good financial position.

I hope this update helps you understand what’s happening at National level and at the 18th Ipswich. If you have any financial concerns or safety issues relating to your child attending the 18th Ipswich Scout Group, please do not hesitate to contact us.

One of your child’s section leaders will be in contact with you before the end of term.

If anyone could help with risk assessments for activities or would like to Join the leadership Team / Group Executive for the 18th Ipswich, please let us know.


Denise, Stuart & George

18th Ipswich – Problem Solving Teasure Hunt

Join Us on Friday 3rd July 2020 – Problem Solving Treasure Hunt at 7pm

Parents, please check your emails. We require your help to prepare for Friday meeting.

We’d recommend joining ten minutes earlier, just to allow for any issues you may be when joining.

Getting everyone back together safely

As lockdown measures start to ease, TSA are working with youth sector partners and the National Youth Agency (NYA) government body to understand what a safe return to face to face Scouts may look like when the readiness level reduces from red (see article below in full for details).

HQ have a lot of information on their webpage at Getting everyone back together safely and there is a webinar on 2nd July at 19:00 (Zoom call) but you need to register to attend and receive the call details.  Click on the Register link to be able to attend.

i.Volunteer Could You?

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05/09/2020: Following the change in readiness level by The Scouts, we are now at AMBER. Please visit our Getting everyone back together safely page for more details.