Christmas Post 2015

Evening everyone,
The Rounds will be ready to collected from the Scout Hut on Friday 11th December 2015 between 8pm – 9pm.

Most families within the group have given lots of help throughout the time the Christmas post has been running, however there are still some rounds left here which need to be taken and delivered.

Many Thanks,


GSL. 18th Ipswich scout group

18th Ipswich – Future Activities

Future Activities in For the activity planners out there, here are some advance dates in 2016/7 that you will want to know about..

1) 90 Years 18th Ipswich Group Camp – 20th May to 22nd May 2016.

2) 100 Years Cub Camp – 11th to 14th August 2016 – Hallowtree (updated 15-Sep-15).

3) 30 years Suffolk Beavers – 17th September 2016 – BeWILDerwood

Scouts Post Ipswich

Ipswich Scout Christmas

Post Boxes Now Closed!

Its back for the 29th year! the Ipswich Scouts Christmas Post for 2015 will be getting underway soon!

Scout Groups from Ipswich, Claydon, Kesgrave and Martlesham will be delivering Christmas cards in and around Ipswich.

For just 25p per card, the various groups will deliver your cards by December 24th. Collection dates this year are between Wednesday 25th November 2015 and Wednesday 9th December 2015.

Post the money & cards into the special boxes.

See the main Christmas Post website for more details at Ipswich Xmas Post 2015.  Your nearest Collection Post boxes can be found using the links and you can also check the delivery roads area

Cards will start to be delivered to their destinations after the 9th December 2015 once the mammoth sorting operation has completed.

Thanks in advance for your support for this valuable fund-raising activity

For more details please go to – Scouts Post Ipswich

County News Nov/Dec 2015 – Now Available 

The Nov/Dec issue of ‘County News‘ is available for download from the ‘Resources’ section of the Members Area.

The next copy of County News is Jan/Feb 2016. Copy is required by 2nd Jan 2016.
We welcome any Scouting stories and can polish up the words if you give us the basic facts… and we like pictures, too! Send everything to:

NOTE: Could you also send any pictures as JPEG files rather than embedding them in Word documents as it saves a lot of time and will result in a better quality image appearing in the final product.

Christmas Post 2015

Dear Parents,

Christmas post run from 25th November with last posting date of 9th December and sorting etc. until 11th December. This then gives us 11 day to deliver the card NO LATER THAN 22nd December 2015.

It was agreed by the Group Executive Committee that every Family in the group WILL be responsible to sort and deliver the cards that come to us to be sorted and delivered.

There will be 2 lists in the foyer from Monday 16th November.
One will be to help with sorting and one to choose the roads you wish to deliver. This gives you the chance to choose when to sort and where to deliver.
Organisers of the post will contact parents if they have not come forward to offer help, they be will be given an evening to help sort and roads to deliver. It was felt that this was the fairest way to insure that everyone in the group helps.

Profit raised from the 2014 post was approximately £2900.

Christmas post is our major fund raiser and is part of the group’s terms and conditions of your child being part of the 18th Ipswich.

We are all busy at this time of the year!

Every family is needed for Christmas post, with everyone helping, it will be done far quicker, and it will be less stressful for the people coordinating the post.

GSL. 18th Ipswich scout group